GFRC Works

SACODECO GFRC is one of the leading manufacturers of exquisite architectural products offered in a comprehensive line of materials, the most popular being GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). We have had the pleasure of working on some of the world's finest and most beautiful buildings as well as fulfilling the needs to smaller projects. We are renowned for our ability to take any concept or idea and see it through to truly stunning results.

Here at SACODECO we have a deep commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable building practices. Our fiberglass reinforced materials can help you add LEED points to your building. We have compiled some information to make it easy for you to calculate LEED points contributed by our materials.

The large number of stock and custom architectural products we offer is second to none! Whether you need a standard architectural column shipped to you fast or have a unique custom cornice that you wonder is even possible… we have the resources and dedication to make it happen.

SACODECO GFRC products provide an innovative and aesthetically pleasing appearance, while often reducing overall cost, onsite labor requirements and shortening construction schedules. Our high quality GFRC columns, domes, cornice and other products offer an endless variety of decorative and ornamental shapes and forms at affordable prices.

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