Shop Drawings

SACODECO produce detailed shop drawing required for fabrication installing and fixing, finishing trades and prepare set of Shop Drawings consists of coordinated plans between all trader as follows:

  • Builders work plan shop drawing the dimension, doors, windows size, services openings, wall type and any information required to execute the builder work.
  • Reflected ceiling plans show ceiling level, material and ceiling details coordinated with all mechanical and electrical works in order to solve any conflict which may appear prior executing the ceiling.
  • Flooring plans showing floor materials, tiling arrangement, levels and any details required for executing the work coordinated with all electrical requirements.
  • Toilet details show walls and floors tiling arrangement, tiles types, toilet accessories, fittings arrangement and toilet details coordinated with mechanical works.
  • Enlarged rooms details showing wall finishes, wall or floor pattern, required connections details and all information required to complete the work.
  • Besides the coordinated plans SACODECO produce set of detailed shop drawings for the finishes item work coordinated with all related as follows:
    • Wood Work shop drawings show all joinery work such as wooden doors, wooden cladding, cabinets and all items related to wood work.
    • Metal work shop drawings show all details of fixing and installing metal handrail metal doors, steel structure hanging system, steel stairs and any work related to metal work.
    • Glass work such as mirrors, glazed handrail, glazed partitions and any other items.
    • Special items such as movable partition dry wall partitions, smoke curtains, decorative gypsum work, wall covering material, drapery and any other items.