Why Choose Us?

Sacodeco views each project as a pursuit of functional art, tempered by responsible business knowledge. We drive the concepts of meaningful functionality, material appropriateness, consistent diversity and innovative tradition into each venture. With careful attention to detail, Sacodeco is able to sustain a commitment to creativity, consistency and cost effective designs, relative to our clients’ desires. We apply our skill and expertise to produce quality products that always meet, and even succeed our clients’ expectations.

You can be assured of our commitment, care and attention throughout the design, constrution and installation process. Based on a philosophy of mutual trust and respect, SACODECO is dedicated to becoming each client's partner in all phases of the project, from start to finish.

What we offer to our clients

SACODECO has been serving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1991 in the following disciplines and we are trying to implement the latest & most advanced equipment in order to deliver the best.


In the last 21 years of existence, SACODECO has been redefined as a leading company by executing more than 250 projects in the Kingdom for all types of finishing works.

Wood Works

SACOECO is ready to design and produce any variety of wood works a client desire. We are specialists in custom made as well as traditional wood works and a production line of furniture's which matches the standards of the Italian Production facilities.

Drapery and Upholstery Works

The drapery factory of SACODECO uses a variety of fabric and leather to manufacture draperies curtains, bed liners, bed spreads, bed covers, canopies, tents, stretch fabric, Arabic seating and furniture upholstery.

GRC & Gypsum Works

SACODECO GFRC is one of the leading manufacturers of exquisite architectural products offered in a comprehensive line of materials, the most popular being GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). We have had the pleasure of working on some of the world's finest and most beautiful buildings as well as fulfilling the needs to smaller projects. We are renowned for our ability to take any concept or idea and see it through to truly stunning results.

Steel, Metal & Prefab Works

Steel & metal factory start as a supportive workshop it had expanded to be an independent factory & equipped by very advanced machines such as CNC and laser cutter which provide the ability to accurate cut and engrave a very small sections being used in decorative metal panels and cladding.

Prefab Factory for insulation panels is newly born manufacturer in the industry of expanded polyurethane (PU)...............

Interior Design/Shop Drawings

SACODECO produce detailed shop drawing required for fabrication installing and fixing, finishing trades and prepare set of Shop Drawings consists of coordinated plans between all trader.

Builders work plan shop drawing the dimension, doors, windows size, services openings, wall type and any information required to execute the builder work. Reflected ceiling plans show ceiling level, Flooring plans and..............

Our Recent Completed Projects

Every project has its own story...!!!