Steel and Metal Works

Steel and metal factory start as a supportive workshop it had expanded to be an independent factory. Steel and metal factory equipped by a very advanced machines such as CNC and laser cutter which provide the ability to accurate cut and engrave a very small sections being used in decorative metal panels and cladding.

Steel and metal factory now specialized in all decorative metal work such as:

  • Fences and Escape rout handrails
  • Ornamental stainless steel handrails (with and without glass)
  • Stainless steel decorative cladding
  • Metal decorative cladding and Metal ceiling

Pre-Fabrication Works

The SACODECO Prefab Factory for insulation panels (Sandwich Panels), is newly born producer / manufacturer in the industry of expanded polyurethane (PU) foam of sandwich panel, established in year 2010. The goal of its activities is to serve all the consumers throughout the Kingdom and we expect that our position in the market will be very strong. The advantages of Prefab Factory sandwich panels are:

  • Polyurethane foam is the best insolent being used in the field of refrigeration in preserving foods
  • Sandwich panels are friendly environment without CFC components being used.
  • Installation wise, panels were developed and improved the connection between tongues and grooves is almost zero clearance.
  • The air tightness of the room is 100% sealed and no leakages of cooling load.
  • The coefficient of thermal conductivity is very low compared to other insulation materials. Hence saving in Electricity consumption.
  • Low investment cost with low operation costs where PU is an economical solution for insulation.

Special ornamental metal fixtures with others decorative treads such as glass, marble, fabric, wood ….etc.

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